Basic and Translational Science

Mission Statement

The Basic &Translational Science (Basic Science) Core of the Emory/Georgia TRAC will provide expertise and resources to facilitate TRAC investigator-led studies of mycobacterial pathogenesis, transmission, and host immunity in both human and animal models of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) infection.

BTS Core Services

The BTS core can help you design experimental lab assays for TRAC Pilot Grant applications and awards, as well as other funding applications, both internal and external

The BTS core is equiped to help train investigators and staff in areas such as biosafety, the collection and hadling of MTB cultures, MTB infection in animal models, development and execution of lab assays and design of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The core can help with the generation of preliminary data for internal or external funding applications, as well as conduct lab assays for funded studies.

The core can store human and animal specimens, as well as MTB strains.  We are also working to develop a biorepository of samples with the evental goal of allowing access in order to create application-generating data.

Basic and Translational Science Team

Cheryl Day, PhD

BTS Core Co-Director

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Fred Quinn, PhD

BTS Core Co-Director

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Arijita Subuddhi, PhD

BTS Core Staff Scientist

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Basic and Translational Contact Information

954 Gatewood Rd NE Room 1054
Atlanta, GA 30329